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Singer Kim Hyun Joong and actor Yoon Shi Yoon had a sweating all of a sudden conversation.
In the next episodes of 'Barefoot Friends' with Lee Hyo Ri, the story behind photos were released to air on June 16th.
During recording, Kim Hyun Joong and Yoon Shi Yoon went out to the village alone to gather some required dishes they needed for dinner.
As soon as they reached the house, Kim Hyun Joong asked Yoon Shi Yoon straight out " When was your last girlfriend?"
Yoon Shi Yoon was caught off-guard and doesn't know what to answer and yet Kim Hyun Joong keeps on bugging him about it.  Since then, Kim Hyun Joong keeps on asking Yoon Shi Yoon about his ideal girl and even made him confessed about his past girlfriend. Even the staff members were wondering about their strangeness.

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So what made Leader asked Shi Yoon that kind of question? Beats me! XD


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I want u 2 hv a beautiful gf

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You have to take your time

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